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From a ventilation grille to boiler technology, these products help create effective comfort zones. Read about new items from Cea Design, Lochinvar, Modern Metal, LG, and Big Ass Fans.



Ariachiara Ceiling Fan.

The safety of indoor air purification via ion and ozone technologies is still disputed, but if you’re seeking these, this five-speed ceiling fan checks all the boxes in a sleek design. It features ionization and ozonation plus an integrated Bluetooth-controlled light and audio speaker within the mount. The fan spans 82½" in diameter and its blades are made of carbon fiber in oak or walnut veneer, or matte-black or -white lacquer.

RealTime O2 Feedback

Lochinvar RealTime 02

This technology monitors the fuel-to-air ratio in real time while the boiler is running and displays the data on an integrated control panel via Lochinvar’s CON-X-US Remote Connection app. The data, in turn, allows facility managers to view a system’s status and make adjustments swiftly, as needed. RealTime O2 is offered on Lochinvar’s CREST Commercial Condensing Boilers for new build or retrofit installations.

LG Low Wall Console

LG Low Wall Console.

Designed to cool or heat areas in residential or light-commercial buildings with space limitations, this LG air cooling and heating system comprises an indoor console, outdoor unit, and a shared refrigerant circuit between the two, expanding the installation point possibilities. and affording more design flexibility.

Sphere to Eternity

Sphere to Eternity Grille.

Former textile designer Annie Kantor—who previously led Maharam’s custom studio—now applies eye-catching patterns and motifs to grilles and screens for the residential and light-commercial markets. Shown (above) is a 33"-by-14" floor grille, made of powder-coated steel, cut with her Sphere to Eternity pattern. The studio welcomes custom projects as well.

Cold Front

Big Ass Fans Evaporative Cooler.

This evaporative cooler lowers the air temperature of a space by up to 33 degrees Fahrenheit at a fraction of the energy consumed by an air conditioner. It comes in four sizes ranging from a residential-friendly unit that covers 600 square feet to a commercial unit covering 6,500 square feet. It can also be used outdoors.