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A formula of usability plus aesthetics equals up-to-date furnishings perfect for learning environments.



Leaf Environment.

Developed to facilitate small-group, floor-level learning, this series of cozy environments from VS America consists of a leaf-shaped sail-like element made flexible with stretch fabric, glass-fiber rods, and magnetic attachment points to form round tents, tunnels, and nooks. Each leaf is 89" long x 377/8" at its widest end. The manufacturer also offers coordinating tentpoles and floor mats.

Custom Writable Wall Panels

Arden Studio Wall Panels.

New manufacturer Arden Studio specializes in sleek writable-glass screens and mobile panels—as well as custom variations for site-specific applications. For the latter, Arden helps integrate its product into a through shape, an infinite array of colors, and logos or other custom graphics. The glass is also easy to clean and disinfect.

Fireframes Designer Guard System

Fireframes Designer Guard System.

With both the safety and security of students in mind, TGP developed this fire-rated full-lite glass door system to meet the certification requirements of the Forced Entry standard (ASTM E2395). It comprises a swing door with side lites, welded steel framing, and laminated glass with fire ratings of up to 60 minutes.

Acoustic Locker Collection

Hollman Locker.

Designed in collaboration with Gensler, this locker collection from Hollman reduces surrounding noise levels with a diagonal pattern of routed acoustic contours and sound-absorbing panels on the door backs. Additionally, the lockers feature smart locking technology and antimicrobial surfaces.

Beguiled by the Wild

Designtex Upholstery.

Designtex has updated the color palette with 16 new hues for this polyurethane upholstery textile printed with a collage of animals by artist Charley Harper. The surface is finished with silicone, rendering it resistant to ink and denim staining and cleanable with bleach.