Christoph Ingenhoven of Ingenhoven Associates joins the podcast to discuss sustainable design, the business of architecture, and the design process of the controversial Stuttgart Main Station.

“One of the most problematic things [in architecture] is that we let the bad architects build too much—there could be so much more [in terms of] quality. Even with social housing there are so many wonderful examples around the planet, particularly in Sweden and Copenhagen where they do very nice and careful buildings of this type. I really think it's possible.”
- Christoph Ingenhoven

Hosted by Austin, Texas–based architect Aaron Prinz, Architectural Record’s DESIGN:ED podcast has featured the most renowned architects of our time—such as Art Gensler, Kengo Kuma, and Glenn Murcutt, as well as rising professionals in the next generation, such as Pascale Sablan, Michael Murphy, and Jenny Wu, all available in our library.