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Elegant and practical cabinetry, fixtures, and cladding products elevate kitchen and bath design.



COLUMN Cabinetry.

COLUMN, designed by Inga Sempé, is kitchen cabinetry characterized by round-edged surfaces and handles. The system is offered in a variety of materials, such as white ash, and in colors like Pistachio, and can be configured according to user needs and preferences.

Systemat Sideboards & LED Lighting

Systemat Sideboards.

These sideboard-and-LED-lighting systems deliver comfort and utility to any home kitchen. The sideboards, available in four varieties, with 66 front ranges and four options for furniture feet, allow designers and homeowners to holistically plan their kitchen environments. The LED smart-home-enabled lighting system can be embedded within Hacker’s Slim Line Drawers, or as recessed spotlights.

Modular Cooktop Family

Modular Cooktop Family.

This induction cooktop series offered by Fisher & Paykel is highly customizable. The induction module is offered in 36", 30", 24", and 15" configurations and can be paired with both an auxiliary induction and teppanyaki cooktops. It is connected to Fisher & Paykel’s SmartHQ app, which allows for precise cooking control.


O-XY faucet.

The O-XY faucet, designed by Marco Williams Fagioli for Fantini, makes an impression with its Cartesian linearity and sleek form. The single-lever sink tap is topped by a textured rectangular handle that, with its interwoven pattern, provides a firm yet comfortable grip.


Innate Toilet.

Smart toilets can often be clunky messes. Kohler’s Innate, with its streamlined one-piece design, offers a more elegant solution. It incorporates several smart features, including a motion-activated lid and automatic flush, a soft nightlight, an automated stainless-steel cleaning wand with UV light, and automatic deodorization.

AirJet Shower Drying System

AirJet Shower Drying System.

Slippery shower floors are both a safety hazard and conducive to the growth of mold. AIRMADA’s AirJet Shower Drying System tackles that excess moisture with custom layouts of air-emitting nozzles installed in bathroom ceilings and walls, powered by an air-blowing system that can be placed up to 100' away.


Atria Kitchen System.

Atria, designed by Studio Delineo and Massimo Rosati, is the first kitchen system developed by Abimis specifically for outdoor use. It is made of stainless steel and includes an induction hob, integrated sink, and ample counter space and storage.

Specialty Finish Collection

Specialty Finish Collection.

Infinity Drain, the producer of design-centric shower drains, has launched its Specialty Finish collection, which offers users the ability to match trending bathroom finishes. The manufacturer studied its existing custom orders and developed five new finishes: Matte White, Gunmetal, Satin Champagne, Polished Gold, and Polished Brass. They are available for all existing products, including the slotted drain (pictured).


Brixen Sliding Shower-Door System.

The Brixen sliding shower-door system is a component of the latest generation of bathroom products developed by CRL. The stainless-steel system uses a top-roller fitting with four rollers for each door and is available in five finishes: brushed bronze, brushed stainless steel, matte black, polished stainless steel, and satin brass.

Georgetown Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Georgetown Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet.

This faucet, developed by Kova, with its exposed-spring design and pull-down spray head, helps to bring the efficiencies of a commercial kitchen to the home. It is fashioned of solid brass, affording long-term durability and reliability. Finished in either brushed nickel or polished chrome, it is resistant to corrosion and tarnishing.