Site size: 1.24 acres

Project size: 2,799 square feet

Program: The elevated residence can serve as a small hotel with ocean views.

Location: A wooded coastal region in central Chile famous for its beaches.

Solution: Raised on wood posts over uneven terrain, the rectilinear house features a central corridor that spans its length. Each of the three bedrooms has a private bathroom. Natural light floods the interior through double-glazed, floor-to-ceiling windows. A roof terrace provides additional space to experience the view.

Construction and materials: The house comprises a blackened timber structure. Exterior cladding is a rough natural pine and floor planks are a lighter, smoother pine. Local black stone was sourced for use in the bathroom floor and wall tile.

WMR Arquitectos
Calle San Patricio 4150
Vitacura, Santiago de Chile
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