This month's Building Type Study, which doubles as a CE course, examines different approaches to building reuse at a variety of scales, including a nearly invisible insertion within a museum in Belgium and the complete metamorphosis of an office tower in Sydney.


Continuing Education

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To earn one AIA learning unit (LU), including one hour of health, safety, and welfare (HSW) credit, read the articles above and complete the quiz. Upon passing the test, you will receive a certificate of completion, and your credit will be automatically reported to the AIA. Additional information regarding credit-reporting and continuing-education requirements can be found at

Learning Objectives

  1. Outline a range of adaptation, renovation, and expansion approaches, from discreet insertions within historic fabric to complete aesthetic and structural overhauls of existing buildings.
  2. Explain why renovation and adaptation reduce carbon emissions, when compared to new construction.
  3. Discuss the structural-engineering challenges involved in adding on to a tall tower.
  4. Describe renovation strategies that can make buildings more resilient against the effects of climate change.

AIA/CES Course #K2302A